Facing is when supermarkets and retails make the shelf look tidy and welcoming by stacking all the stock up to the front. Brands are always competing for more facings because it attracts the attention of shoppers.

  • Count all flavours/varieties if instructed - look for the word "varieties" in the description
  • Count just the flavour specified if instructed - look for the specific flavour mentioned
  • Do not count empty facings
  • You are not counting all the products in stock

Here is an example of coconut waters, showing a facings count for all of the brands.

Should I count all the flavours?

Whether you count all the flavours (also known as varieties depends on the instruction.
If the instruction mentions the variety or flavour, then just count the facings for that flavour.

If the instruction refers to "varieties" then count all of the varieties for the pack size mentioned.

Rejecting Incomplete Images

If you can't be sure all the products are included, mark the photo as unusable.

How about other pack sizes?

Read the instructions carefully to include only the pack size requested.

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