Its really satisfying to get a great selfie. Here are a a few ideas for you to try.
Firstly, let's look at our reference shot:

1. Bring a friend

The shopper has included a friend (or maybe just a passerby!) in her selfie

2. Look genuinely happy

Nothing looks worse than a fake smile. Here's the secret - smile with your eyes and your mouth.

3. Rule of Thirds

Its better not to put the most interesting part of the photo (usually your eyes or smile) in the middle. Put it a little up or down and off to the side. 

5. Use the back camera

The back of your phone has a a better camera than the front. Use it!

6. Hold your phone as far away as you can

Holding your phone too close makes your nose look big!

7. Push your chin out

Pushing your chin out just a little can be a lot more flattering.

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