What is an Endcap Display?

An Endcap display is at the end of an aisle. There can be Endcaps at the front or the back of the store.
Sometimes it has a special display, and at other times it might just contain normal items.

These photos show an Easter endcap with additional side displays.

Display Photos

Find and photograph the whole display
 - When photographing it, please do it front-on for optimum clarity.
 - Include the top, bottom and both sides of the shelf, and include pricing if visible.
Taking a good display photo isn't hard. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Take a photo of the full width of the display
  • For the front and side photos, try to stand directly in front of the shelf - not at an angle
  • For the "customer" photo, make it look great!
  • Check that your photo is clear. If it is blurry, or crooked, retake it
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